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Christopher Parker [userpic]
XMMS Plugin Directory
by Christopher Parker (cparker)
at June 29th, 2005 (01:55 pm)
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If you're interested in removing plugins from XMMS, since there isn't a central "plugin management" area, you'll have to remove the plugin files manually. (NOTE: If you've installed a plugin with your operating system's package management system, you should remove the plugin with your operating system's package management system!)

On my Fedora Core 2 system, the global plugin directory is /usr/lib/xmms/.

For example:

To remove the "MPEG Layer 1/2/3" plugin that comes with Red Hat-sponsored systems (including Fedora), which merely notifies the user that mp3's and such cannot be played, cd to /usr/lib/xmms/Input/ and remove the so (shared object) file with the name of something like libmp3rh.so. (I don't remember exactly what the name of the so file is... if anybody can verify the name, I'd appreciate it.)

In order to replace this replacement plugin, then, you'll need to get it from a popular RPM repository. Don't even bother with the official XMMS Input Plugins section, because for some reason, there is no "xmms-mp3" or "xmms-mpg123" plugin there. (Not only that, but a substantial portion of the plugin links I've tried there have been dead links. Disappointing, considering it's the official Web site.) I would recommend getting this plugin from Guru Labs or Dag Wieers. Although if you're using Red Hat 8 or Red Hat 9, try going to Håvard Kvålen's XMMS RPM's for Red Hat 8 and 9 page first, which is hosted on the XMMS servers.
NOTE: If you don't yet have an absolute need to use the mpg123 plugin, please consider using the Ogg Vorbis and other Ogg formats for your audio and video needs. For more information about using Ogg Vorbis instead of MP3, please see Emmett Plant's Open Thank-You Letter to Thomson Multimedia, who owns the patents for MPEG3 and MPEG4, and probably MPEG1 and MPEG2. For additional information about Ogg Vorbis, including what it is and why you should use it, please see the official Ogg Vorbis FAQ.

Christopher Parker [userpic]
by Christopher Parker (cparker)
at June 28th, 2005 (11:22 pm)

Welcome to the XMMS community!

I created this community out of interest in sharing experiences using and setting up XMMS.

If there are any improvements that can be made to this community (e.g.: interests, bio, etc.), please comment.

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